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Well to start with I’m very happy to say that my steamier, erotic side, “my daughter” Kathryn Heart, has ordered PROOF copies of her first erotic endeavors “Haiku Becomes Erotic.” And if all goes well, a KINDLE conversion will be order and the book will be released shortly thereafter.

So, if anyone is interested in following the writing endeavors of my other half, Kathryn Heart, you’re welcomed to do so at:


With above I can once again return to my own writing endeavors as well as my reading/reviewing of books, which I’ve fallen behind in. I can also concentrate on doing a more timing and regular posting of on-going entries for the several series of posts I’ve been doing.

Having concentrated on the writing endeavors of Kathryn for as long as I have, I’m decided to start a new re-read and self-editing of my adult Contemporary romance novel, “His Darkest Secret.” I believe I’ll be looking at what I’ve written through a “new set of eyes.”

Lastly I’m about to start of new round of heavy duty marketing for each of my two books, as I need to raise funds to self-publish everything Kathryn and myself would like to publish.

Here’s the links to both of my books, which are available as a Paperback, KINDLE, and can be read for free as a KINDLE Unlimited download.



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WOW !!! This is a BIG STATUS REPORT for me as it is my 100th,

I knew I had a lot of my erotic side penned up inside of me, but I really didn’t know how much there was. My erotic side, the one I gave “birth”, Kathryn Heart, on March 25 has already finished compiling a collection of 250 Erotic Haikus, and has finally taken the first step in self-publishing it. And has already added over 15.5% towards the completion of an erotic novella I’d started back on 9/3/2016 with the last time I worked on it being 11/26.

With my erotic romance author “daughter” still taking up almost all of my time, leaving practically nothing left for me during the course of a day, my book reading/reviewing as slow down to more than a crawl, to a point where there’s actually none getting done at all; which surprising has not really affected my ranking on Amazon all that much. [Actually, I needed a break from doing this for a long time].

I really must make a concerted effort in getting my time back as I’ve got my own WIPs I’d like to working on again, as well as my blog here.

To find my “daughter’s” social sites you can go to:


I hope everyone had a JOYOUS Easter with your families. !!! 🙂 🙂 🙂



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While it doesn’t appear like I haven’t made a Status Report since March 14th [#98], I actually did on March 25th when I wrote about my making the decision to allow the steamier, erotic of me to come out of hiding. After running a quick poll through all of my media exposures I decided on the name this side of me would be using, and the next day I gave “birth” to my “daughter,” Kathryn Heart.

Since then, Kathryn has run amok writing and instead of taking over the completion of the erotic novella I had started, Kathryn started on a totally different project has already compiled a collection of 250 Erotic Haikus, which should now be released in the next ten days, if not sooner.

While my writing has apparently suffered slightly I’ve been able to read/review 5 books, whose reviews I had posted en masse on GoodReads, LibraryThing and of Amazon US


I’ve now got to sit down with myself to figure out a schedule where both of my identities can exist and do the things we’d like to within the same 24 hours. Perhaps allowing my erotic side to do what it would like to do might assist me in completing my adult Contemporary romance novel, “This Darkest Secret;” as Kathryn’s erotic creativity begins to blossom.


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I know once again it’s been a while since I’ve last posted an update, but this time I just wanted to remain under the radar by not doing too much on any of the social media I usually frequent; except for my reading/reviewing of books, which according to GoodReads has as of today has put me 13 books ahead of schedule of reading 200 books by the end of this year.

It’s kind of strange, in the beginning, being the type of person I am, I would simply shy away from reading any sort of erotic romance novel. But now I’m finding myself wanting to read more and more of them. Perhaps this is why, even though I’ve got an adult Contemporary romance novel, and a MG/YA Urban Fantasy as two of my WIPs [Works in Progress], I haven’t done any additional work on them for about three months; even though I’m definitely interested in completing them.

For those of you who have followed my Status Reports will know, I’ve also got a multi-genre erotic romance novel which at the present time is about 49% complete. In the past several weeks as I read the erotic stories I’ve reviewed, I’ve gotten two more ideas for writing an erotic novella; which is causing me to think whether or not I should start thinking about using another pen name to write these stories under.

Some of the names I’ve already come with are:

Susie Q Winston

Beverly Ann Rogers

Samantha E Xavier

Kathryn Heart

But whatever name I decide to finally choose, I’ll first need to check to see if there’s any other author with that name; and even more it will have to be a name which I’d feel comfortable with. I would love to read your feedback on this matter.


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I know it’s been a while since I’ve last posted an update but nothing important has really happen since then, that is until today.

Today I’ve marked what I feel is an IMPORTANT MILESTONE in my 2nd second career since I seriously decided to become a Book Reviewer back in August/September 2014. Today I posted my 500th book review on Amazon, this is a day I had envisioned as not coming as soon as it has.

In case anyone is looking for their next book to read or to give as a gift, here’s the link to my Amazon reviews:


This year I’ve once again enrolled in the GoodReads.com Reading Challenge with a goal of 200 books. So far this year I’ve posted 38 reviews on GoodReads, and the rest of the sites I usually post them on, which according to GoodReads makes me being 10 books ahead of schedule in meeting my goal. While I’ve reviewed 35 books so far this year, I didn’t want to over inundate you my dear followers with so many reviews here on my blog.

As far as my three WIPs, I’m looking at starting working on them again next month, with my debut erotic novella being the first one I’m going to tackle. I would love to finish writing it before the end of the month, having the editing finished by mid April, and its release sometime in May; just before I’m due to renew my membership in the RWA [Romance Writers of America].

I’ve put together some more marketing ideas so you might be seeing them a little more frequently for a while. And since beginning to post Haikus here, I’ve begun thinking about putting 300 – 400 of them into a book.








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Well the New Year has begun and I’m looking forward to making it my best year since I decided to become an author.

Unfortunately, my year has already experienced its first downer; yesterday I got notified I hadn’t become a finalist in the second RWA Chapter writing contest I’d entered, but it also had a silver lining. One of the three judges gave me a few ideas to help change what I gave them which will hopefully allow me to improve the entire story for my erotic endeavor.

So far I’ve done two entries of three Haikus written around a prompt word, and have returned to giving you, my readers, a promotional or marketing idea for your writing endeavors.

I would love to add interviews and guest blog posts to this blog, but I can’t do it unless I receive requests for the same. If anyone is interested please email at rlmorgan51@yahoo.com and enter REQUEST FOR ________ in the subject line. I’ll be doing this on a first come, first served basis.

 As far as my three writing endeavors are concerned, I’ll be starting with my first erotic novella entitled “The Transformation”; which I’d love to complete by the middle of March. I might consider posting a few unedited snippets of these endeavors from time to time.



I know it’s been 18 days since my last Status Report but with nothing really to report I saw no need to do one.

Since my last report I haven’t been myself, nothing serious but I just felt I need to simply relax and take care of myself. I didn’t do any work on any of my three WIPS, which I’m now going have to pay for with having to re-read several chapters of my debut erotic novella. I still have the end of the year set as when I’ll be able to type that final elusive period for the manuscript.

I haven’t done too much reading so I haven’t done that many reviews; and why I haven’t posted any of better reviews here.

The past five days were quite enjoyable. To begin with it was my dear OH’s birthday which got followed three days later by our 23rd wedding anniversary.

Now rested from all the festivities, I’ve set and ready to begin returning to normal. So with Thanksgiving approaching we’ve decided to be different this year by going out to eat and possibly eating a non-traditional holiday meal, perhaps going so far as having Chinese food.

THANKS for following me here. I’d love hearing from you. But most important have a HAPPY THANKSGIVING with your families.

HUGS and KISSES !!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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