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With the myriad of internet options available you might consider transitioning your main source of promotional activities over towards your author page. And to attract readers you need to be engaging them.



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Getting a review for a book you’ve written is great, however it’s really only useful if someone goes to Amazon; you really it to get those reviews out into internet world.

If someone you know happens to write a review for any book you’ve published, have them post a link to that review on their FaceBook or Twitter accounts, and a posting of it on GoodReads or Library Thing.

You can also publish links to those reviews on your sites which you feel are really great.

Robin Leigh Morgan’s Promotional/Marketing Idea # 17

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All of us who are authors tend in write in a genre in which we feel the most comfortable, that’s a given, and for me the genre is romance. However when we decided to do any promotions or marketing for a book we’ve written most of us tend to look for venues which would give us the biggest audience for whatever we’re doing. While this might seem good in reality most of that audience might not be interested in what we’ve got to offer. The better solution is to seek out those ventures which offer an audience as close as to the audience our book[s] have been written for that we can get.


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This is a useful idea, but only if you’re fortunate to have the necessary funds to do advertisements on the internet. One place to go is FaceBook. Although they might be somewhat overpriced, they can be wonderfully aimed towards a specific age group or gender, they can be geographically target [like the main location for your book. such as the South], they can be targeted for individuals who share a particular interest such as liking to read Paranormal romances, etc.



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Go to your local bookstore and offer to do a book signing event. Advice the owner that you’ll bring the copies of the books and that he doesn’t have to buy any prior to the event.

Work out a reasonable financial arrangement where you make a fair profit [remember you’ve bought copies of your at a greatly reduced price].

Remember to get their sales tax ID # as you need to report all income from the sales of your books on your tax return each year, including the sales tax you’re supposed to collect on each book sold. You don’t charge sales tax to books sold to retailer, point of final sale; which gets listed on the non-taxable sales when you pay the sales tax you’ve collected for the books you sole. Of course you’ll need to give the bookstore owner your tax id as well, but check with your local tax department to find out the official rules.

[see marketing idea #3 for more information on this topic]

At the end of the event ask the owner if they’d like to buy a few extra signed copies to keep on hand.



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You can post entries from your blog posts or other items on

Reddit is one of those sites you could get a lot of traffic from. However, in order for this to occur you need to keep two things in mind.

1 – Make sure you’re posting your entry for Reddit into the appropriate group, or what is called on their site a “SubReddit.”

2 – Never over-promote an item otherwise or you will hear it from other users of the Reddit community in quite negative terms.


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Depending on your genre try giving book readings/book talks at schools, libraries, companies and local organizations, etc where individuals might benefit from what your book has to offer. Naturally, be sure to have copies of your book with you.


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