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As we all know Wednesday, February 14th, is Valentine’s Day, a day on which cupid is supposed to shoot his arrow into the hearts of two individuals so they can fall in love and obtain the HEA they’ve desired as long as they can remember. This is also the period of time when, romance authors write and their readers search for, stories which will personify the spirit of this day and the days surrounding it.

Since last Valentine’s Day I’ve written about 250 reviews covering many genres, including a variety of romances. It is for this reason I’ve decide to compile a list of the romances I’ve written reviews for during this period. I hope by reading this list you might find your next romance book.

“Behind Blue Eyes”
By Karen M. Bryson
4.6 STARS/18 Reviews

“Madamoiselle: A Novella”
By Suzanne Jenkins
4.8 STARS/17 Reviews

“Dogged by Love”
By Holly Tierney-Bedord
4.5 STARS/45 Reviews

“His Captivating Confidante [Secret Sentinels]
By Lisa Weaver
4.6 STARS/16 Reviews

“Valentine Vision”
By Tammy Tate
4.9 STARS/13 Reviews

“Sweet Child of Mine: 6 Secret Baby Romances”
By 6 Various Authors
4.5 STARS/8 Reviews

“Romancing the Rogue [Passion and Promises Book 3]
By Erica Ridley
4.5 STARS/103 Reviews

“The Fix It or Get Out Series [Books 1–3]
By Christine Ardigo
4.8 STARS/9 Reviews

“Breathless [Players to Men]
By Georgia Lyn Hunter
4.6 STARS/35 Reviews

“Songs of the Heart”
By 7 Various Authors
4.7 STARS/12 Reviews

“Dear Viking: Christian Historical Romance Novel”
By Lori Soard
4.7 STARS/20 Reviews

“One Weekend Away [Stubborn Romance Book 1]
By L Marie Apps
4.9 STARS/16 Reviews

“Never Let You Fall”
By Kate Smith
4.8 STARS/5 Reviews

“Marrying Ms. Kringle: Lux”
By Lucy McConnell
4.8 STARS/32 Reviews

“Season Shenanigans [Volume 5]
By 14 Various Authors
4.5 STARS/38 Reviews

“Snowstorm [Christmas Inspirational Romance]
By Jennette Green
4.9 STARS/11 Reviews

“My Wild Duke [The Dukes’ Club Book 8]
By Eva Devon
4.6 STARS/23 Reviews

“Betty’s Blessing”
By Jo Huddleston
4.8 STARS/6 Reviews

“Can’t Stop Loving You”
By Miranda Liasson
4.5 STARS/143 Reviews

“Marriage With a Proper Stranger [Men of Wollstonecraft Hall]
By Karyn Gerrard
4.7 STARS/7 Reviews

And if you would, I’d appreciate you checking out the two books I’ve written, both are available as a KINDLE Unlimited download.



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I’d received a PDF.file copy of this from the author through a giveaway he recently had on LibraryThing and the following is my honest opinion.

The author, Curtis Edmonds, has written a marvelous rhyming alphabetical listing of girl’s names that one girl imagines she might be instead of herself. Each time she images another name she’s in another state of the U.S. doing some sort of activity. Yet, her imagination is just that for she really enjoys being herself, doing the things she likes to do, but most of all she enjoys being with the family she. What adds to this book’s readers enjoying it is the fabulous illustrations done by Mat Sadler.

While each name appears to have a city and an activity haphazardly associated with it, there’s actually an educational reason behind it. An educational reason which parents can find at the end of the book, where a fact about the state and the activity each girl mention is mentioned is given. Parents can either copy each of these pages from the paperback edition, or copy/paste from the KINDLE and sit with their daughters the first time she reads the book. The inspiration for this book came from the author’s daughters, whose names are mentioned in the book.

For having given his young readers as well as their parents an enjoyable and educational reading experience there’s no way I can’t give its author and illustrator 5 STARS.

Now, that this author has given us a book written for parents and their daughters, I feel it’s no more than fitting that he writes one for parents and their sons.




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Here’s this week’s prompt from the Haiku Horizon site which is “POST” and here are my three Haiku response endeavors:
[ ]

Horse tied to a post
Pretty philly he does see
But can’t go here her

Waiting for the post
My check more than a week late
Nuts another bill

House has three huge posts
Holding up a huge terrace
Take one terrace’s gone

Would love to get your feedback


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This week’s prompt from the Haiku Horizon site is “FLOOD” and here are my three Haiku response endeavors:  

[ ]


Rain from the sky falls

Evaporate it goes back

Cycle is endless


Sports and rain combine

In baseball game gets rained out

Football continues


No rain causes drought

Too much rain comes making floods

Need happy midpoint


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This week’s prompt from the Haiku Horizon site is “DESIGN” and here are my three Haiku response endeavors:  

[ ]

Start with a design

Make some changes and then more

Finished product great


An idea is born

Many changes then follow

New design now dead


Design new wealth path

Riches are now plentiful

Everyone’s equal


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What happens when a romance author who’s noted for writing stories set in the city of love itself, Paris; all of a sudden finds herself a character in a real life situation where her own loss of a marriage has taken place. Naturally she’s as overwhelmed as any of her character could ever be when they wind up losing their HEA, and even more so.


We’ve all read stories which have been fraught with forbidden love, only to find there’s been quite a bit of infidelity lurking somewhere in the background which ultimately has led to demise of a what had been a wonderful relationship culminating in divorce. And we know the only thing the female protagonist can do is to hopefully find a new HEA to be part of her life once again.

Ms. Sobanet wastes no time in communicating this broad range of undeniable raw emotions as she exposes the truth regarding her own life, making sure her readers get the impassioned journey she has experienced in her life, a roller coaster journey consisting of love, loss and ultimately a return to hope for a HEA.

But instead of having written this memoir using the typical prose format, the author has skillfully written a chronological progression of this traumatic period in her life through poetry. If done right, and the author has succeeded in doing just that; poetry can paint a vivid and emotional laden portrayal of an experience, in which the reader to left to do their own imagining of what has taken.

For having given her readers a unique reading experience about this devastating period of her life, how can I not give Ms. Sonabet’s endeavor here the 5 STARS in deserves.





This week’s prompt from the Haiku Horizon site is “FLOOD” and here are my three Haiku response endeavors:  

[ ]


Ark built by Noah.

Animals came by the twos

Except unicorns


Emotions ran high

Everyone made flood of tears

Not a dry eye seen


A big storm quickly

Dams couldn’t hold rain water

Flooded land below

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