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Ever since I published my first two Christian books on January 11, 2020, [ ], my life has been transformed in ways I’d never thought imaginable.
I started a Christian blog, “Trying to Be a Good Christian Woman,” on Issues regarding the site being unsafe, so I moved the blog to WordPress , where I copied all the Christian nonfiction reviews I’ve written from my original blog site. Which got followed by creating a Christian Facebook group for all my Christian “sisters.”

With the COVID-19 virus afoot, I transferred all my writing attention to my Christian endeavors, causing me to put my two secular romance endeavors on the back burner. I’ve tried once to go back to writing these two manuscripts once so far but couldn’t get back into the mindset I would need. Now, starting tomorrow, Sunday, July 19, 2020, I’ll be back to placing some of my writing concentrations to completing these two endeavors before the end of the year, so these two novels will be ready for the Christmas holidays.

Coming down with writer’s block might be frustrating almost every author, I found myself even more frustrated when I discovered I might be facing some copyright issues as I wrote my third Christian fiction endeavor. Throwing the 25 pages I had written into the trash, I found myself somewhat depressed. But, the Christian stuff I’ve been writing for my blog, helps to restore my sense of having some worth. It’s rather frustrating when individuals.

What I need right now is to get followers for my Christian blog, so I can add more features to it. I’d love to get individuals to get copies of my Christian books, to give me an increased desire to write more Christian books, while not forgetting about my secular endeavors. The sale of all of my endeavors will allow me to get decent covers made for my books, instead of the covers merely stating the title. Individuals must be consistently liking my reviews on Amazon since my reviewer ranking is still quite good, 1,106 as of the last update. Any support I can get will be greatly appreciated.

A BLESSED SUNDAY to everyone and your families !!! 😊 😊 😊



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Given the transformation that has occurred in my life, I want to share my prayer to our Lord and Savior.

Oh, my Lord, my Heavenly Father, it appears that you’ve made me a tool in a divine plan of your making.

Starting last year, you cause me to change the mixture of the various genres of books I’ve read/reviewed since August of 2014. You caused me in 2019 to read/review about 45% of the 260+ books I wrote reviews for to be nonfiction Christian books, which were well received, especially by the book’s various authors who all loved the scriptures I had included in my reviews for their books. These scriptures perfectly match the intention of their scriptures that I only could have included with your divine guidance. Guidance for which I’m grateful to have received.

Reading all of these nonfiction Christian books concerning the Greatness of your holy words caused me to forsake most of my secular writing endeavors and to write my first Christian romance [the genre in which I write most of my secular endeavors for]. As with all authors, I succumbed to the condition known as writer’s block. Suffering from writer’s block inspired me to do what I’ve done previously as a secular romance author, which had been to write a short story in response to a prompt word. However, this time, instead of writing stories that are only five sentences long, I got inspired to write more substantial short stories and essays related to the Christian faith. To write these stories, you, my divine Savior, gave me my needed inspiration as the dream you’ve caused me to dream, a dream that I remembered long enough to write the story on my computer. The marvelous transformation you’ve planned for me began to take hold, as I recognized these dreams as you speaking to me as an apparent obedient daughter.

Your guidance, my Holy Benefactor, caused me to seek out assistance to aid me in perfecting my writing ability. Now, with my story writing completed, your fantastic guidance gave me books to publish and release four days before my birthday on January 11 of 2020.

You, in your heavenly wisdom, my two published books have caused me to create a Christian blog called, “Trying to Be a Good Christian Woman,” where I can profess and share my faith about your glory to the world each day. First here but due to issues of individuals not being able to become a follower I’ve moved my blog over to

Creating the blog then inspired me to create a Christian Facebook for my worldwide “sisters” to share our faith with each other, as well as to seek out our “sisterhood” in those times we need to receive support and prayers.
“Worldwide Christian Women United”

Lord, you can see the work I’ve been doing in your divine name, so would it spoil your plan for me, if I would get the number of blog followers I desire to have, or having more “sisters” joining the Christian “sisterhood” I have on Facebook. Patience is a virtue I know, so can I at least get a sign of what I need to do next to fulfill my dreams.

Your servant.

R.L. [Robin Leigh] Morgan

Please read my previous post to find out I’ve posted this.


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It started innocently enough as I began to read/review books from a variety of genres in August of 2014. Eventually, I became a TOP CONTRIBUTOR on Amazon for True Crime books. In 2018, I began to read nonfiction Christian books which, I thought nothing of since to me at that time it had been another genre of books. However, in 2019 my involvement with these books increase to my having read/reviewed about 45% of the 264 book reviews I wrote.

It had been during this time that my enthrallment with these books inspired me to write 2 Christian books of my own as R. L. Morgan, to separate them from the secular books I’ve written as Robin Leigh Morgan. Shortly afterward, I felt the need inside to do more regarding my involvement with the Christian faith, especially when you consider that by the end of January, the number of nonfiction Christian I had written was approaching 80% of all of my reviews. And on February 5, 2020, I made the uplifting spiritual experience by starting my Christian blog site called, “Trying to Be a Good Christian Woman,” where I started posting a Daily Scripture Reflection.

[If you have a problem connecting to my blog, it might be because you’re using CHROME as your browser. Then go to and click on “Read My Blog” at:

Along with these reflections, I began posting the reviews I wrote for nonfiction Christian books.

Then came the sudden onslaught of the COVID-19 virus, and I needed to do more for my followers and my “sisters and brothers” of the Christian faith. Which is why on February 17, 2020, I decided to start posting a mini Christian service each Sunday, consisting of a:

Scripture Reflection
Supplication to the Lord
Christian Hymn/Song

The thing that is frustrating me the most, considering the person I’ve become in regards to the faith, is that I don’t have the number of followers I would love to have given the work I’ve been doing. Which is the reason why I’m imploring everyone reading this to please consider becoming a follower of my blog and let us share the Christian faith together.

THANKS for your time in reading what I’ve written here, and have a MOST BLESSED DAY with your families !!! 😊 😊 😊

BTW – If anyone reading this happens to be a “sister,” then you’re invented to check out my Christian Facebook group, “Worldwide Christian Women United.”


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If you a Christian woman, I would love for you to join my Facebook group: “Worldwide Christian Women United,” where we’re free to freely share our faith like the “sisters” we are in the faith.

I’ve got a strong faith-driven blog [“Trying to Be a Good Christian Woman”] where every day I post scripture for my followers to reflect on. On Sundays I also offer a supplication to the Lord, as well as a Christian song/hymn to complete a short service to the Lord. I also post my reviews for nonfiction Christian books. Members are allowed to promote their Christian books each Saturday [one post only]

If you have a problem connection to the blog, your probably using CHROME as your browser. If this happens, you’re invited to go to: and click “Read My Blog” below the photo. At the bottom here, you can become my friend me on Facebook and a follower on Twitter.

Have a BLESSED DAY with whatever you’re going to be doing !!! 😊 😊 😊


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I recently received an intriguing new message under my Christian Facebook account, as R.L.Morgan, from an unknown individual praising me for the work they’ve read on my Christian blog and even called me Ms. Minister. While I felt being highly praised by this comment, I’m by no means a minister. I don’t have a flock of followers on this my Christian blog site, nor have I gotten any substantial amount friends on my Christian Facebook account or followers on my Christian Twitter account. Links for all of my social media sites can be gotten the bottom of:

And if you click on the “Read My Blog” button below the photo, you’ll be taken to my Christian blog, where I hope you’ll decide to become a follower.

My involvement with the Christian faith the way it is today came about by accident. As a voracious book reviewer of a multitude of genres from Children’s books with those thick pages to hot, steamy, erotic novels, I’ve read them all. I’m even a TOP CONTRIBUTOR for True Crime books on Amazon.

While I’ve read a small handful of Christian type sweet romances going back to the beginning of my reading/reviewing books, my reading the nonfiction ones started in earnest in 2018. In 2019, 118 of the 264 books [almost 45%] I’d read/reviewed had been for nonfiction Christian books, and this year [2020], they account for 41 of the 50 reviews [82%] I’ve written have been for these books. Here is the link to all of my reviews on Amazon:

There’s no way anyone can read this many books, without something happening in their lives, and I’m no different. I now can’t seem to get enough of these books to review, and it has also manifested itself in my having created the Christian blog I now have.

I still feel like the same person I had been yesterday, with one exception. When I happen to see scripture getting posted in any of the Christian Facebook groups I belong to, I now tend to respond with an authoritative scripture response of my own. Perhaps this is why the person I’d receive the anonymous message from had called me, Ms. Minister.

I would love to have anyone who is a Christian to follow me on my Christian site and to leave their comments as we share the Faith.

Let us all beseech the Lord for His intervention at this time; and let us meditate on NUMBERS 6:24-26.


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With dwindling sales of my two books, I’ve slowed down the writing of my two current endeavors as Robin Leigh Morgan and all of my other endeavors, so there’s nothing to report, so I haven’t done any postings in a long while.

My reviewing of books has also slowed down, and my getting enthralled by nonfiction Christian books is continuing as this year so far 41 out of the 50 books [82%] have been for these books. If anyone is interested in these books of any of my 1300+ reviews here is the link, I hope that reading them might be able to assist you in finding your next book to read or to give as a gift:

It’s the beginning of a new month, time once again to start promoting the sale of my two books. I do wish individuals will buy some copies as it will give me an encouraging sign I should continue to write them as I’m not getting any younger, being 69 years young already. If anyone is interested here’s the link to both of my books:

Both of my books are available as a paperback, and the KINDLE version is only $2.99. This is a reasonable price when you consider what other authors are charging for their KINDLE books [almost as much as for a paperback copy]; also, both books are for FREE to read as a KU download.

I hope/pray that everyone who is reading this, and their families, are well and not suffering from the dreaded COVID-19 virus.


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It has taken me to become an author of two Christian books to decide to use a photo to present who I am. I chose to use R.L.Morgan as the name for my Christian endeavors so I can easily separate them from every else I do as Robin Leigh Morgan.

My Christian blog has been up for a month already and I’ve found there’s an issue connecting to it when I give out the URL address for it. I’ve finally figured out how to get around the issue, I created an account for my Christian endeavors at, once there just click on the “Read My Blog” button below the photo I’ve chosen to present who I am there.

I love doing the Christian posts I do on a daily basis for a Daily Scripture Reflection, I also post copies of the reviews I’ve done for nonfiction Christian books. In addition, on Sundays, I’m now posting a YouTube video of a Christian hymn/song, a supplication to the Lord. And I’d love for everyone “sister” and “brother” to check this blog and hopefully decide to become a follower.

Doing the above has caused me to forego working on the two secular romance I’m writing as Robin Leigh Morgan; which I don’t mind since I’m unfortunately not selling copies of two books I’ve already published.

Being retired for 10 years and being a senior citizen who is 69 years young doing the above is keeping my mind active; otherwise, I’d have nothing to do except staying home with my dear OH of 26 years, watching television, going to the nearby senior center for lunch, etc. REMEMBER a mind is a terrible thing to waste.


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Last year my reviewing of books changed in regards to the genres of a book I wrote reviews. My concentration shifted from doing a wide variety of types of books to my having read/reviewed 118 out of the 263 books I wrote about [almost 45%] belonging to the genre of nonfiction Christian books. And as far as 2020 is concerned, so far 29 out the 35 books [nearly 83%] have been for nonfiction Christian books. You can read these 29 reviews on my Christian blog at

Each post for these reviews has a link to my review on Amazon, which gives you the links to buy the book. I

Reading so many books belong to this genre led me to write not one but two Christian books as R. L. Morgan

You’re invited to check these books out, and if anyone is interested in reading three excerpts from each book, you can find them on my Christian blog site that I started shortly after my publishing both books on January 11, 2020:

While you are there, feel free to check out the rest of the posts I’m regularly doing, feel free to comment on my posts. I would love for any Christian reading this, to please consider becoming a follower of my blog.

I’m in the slow process of transferring my secular FaceBook personae to my Christian personae at:

I never excepted for my Christian internet personae to wind up taking so much of my time that my secular personae haven’t had any time to work on my internet presence or work on any of my earthly endeavors, but it has.

I now need to start promoting the two books I’ve written as Robin Leigh Morgan

I also need to return to writing my two current secular endeavors; however, I won’t be able to publish either one unless I get enough royalties to pay for a cover design.

So, in the meantime, I wish ALL of my followers here on this blog to have a GREAT WEEK with whatever you’re going to be doing !!! 😊 😊 😊


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It took a bit, now ALL of my Christian items is now on my new
Christian blog site including snippets from my first two Christian books [as R.L.Morgan]:

On a regular basis, there is my full review for all the nonfiction Christian books I’ve read this year, which so far is 25 out of the 30 books [around 83%] I’ve reviewed.

Right now, on a daily basis I doing:

* A daily scripture reflection,
where I cite scripture and ask individuals to reflect on it.
* A daily prayer to the Lord,
where I give a prayer praising and thanking the Lord.

If you’re a Christian and you’re interested in anything the blog has to offer, please consider becoming a follower.

THANKS, the weekend is coming, here’s to you having a BLESSED WEEKEND with your families.




My desire to publish my first two debut Christian books has finally occurred, although I’d have loved for them to have been ready in time for Christmas. Perhaps the Lord has caused the delay so they would become available in time for my 69th birthday on Wednesday, possibly in return for all the nonfiction Christian books, I’ve been reading/reviewing that have glorified His words and His name for the past 18 months.

The two books are:

“It Had Only Been a Game”
A YA/NA Christian romance.

“Christian Short Stories & Essays”
An anthology of 50 Christian Short Stories and Essays, with each one getting written around a prompt word. The last item in the book is my testimony about the Lord guiding/supporting me as I endeavored to write these two books.

Both books are available as a KINDLE for $2.99 or can read for FREE as a KU [KINDLE Unlimited] download.

I would love for everyone to check out my two new endeavors as an author of Christian books, and hopefully, purchase a copy for yourselves or to give as a gift. I would love to write more or these books; however, I’ve still got two romance manuscripts that I been working for almost two years that I’d like to complete first.

One of my yet unfulfilled desires is to become a New York Times Best Selling author, perhaps one of these two books will make it happen.

PSALM 118:24

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