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I know. I know. It’s been almost a month since my last post and even more since my last Status Report. To begin with, since both my dear OH and myself are senior citizens, we both had to deal with family and personal medical issues [nothing at all serious]; but they did take a few hours on several days to get everything handled.

I’ve hit another milestone in regards to my reviewing of books since my last post – I’ve hit 200 books and have updated my Good Reads Reading Challenge target, by increasing it to 250 books by the end of the year. I’m also fast approaching my having read 100 Christian books so far this year, my current percentage in books for this genre now stands at about 45%, and I can definitely see myself having read/reviewed 100 Christian books with the next 10 days. If anyone is interested in reading my reviews for Christian books or any other genre, here is the direct link to my Amazon profile:

I hope you’ll enjoy reading what I’ve written for my reviews, especially the reviews I’ve written for Christian books most of which include scripture.

I had started to post copies of each of the reviews I write. But then, I came to the realization that this blog would have slowly been turned into merely the Robin Leigh Morgan Book Review site since I wouldn’t essentially have any variety to my posts besides my reviews. [No one had taken my offer to interview authors on this blog.]

Since I’m approaching reading/reviewing my 100th Christian book, I figure it might be a good time to start adding a new feature from time to time to this blog which would spotlight one of the Christians authors whose book[s] I’ve read/reviewed. I hope you, as one of my blog followers will enjoy having this new feature on my blog.

As far as my writing endeavors are concerned my adult Contemporary romance, “His Darkest Secret” is almost 90% completed, and my YA Urban Fantasy, “The Secret of the Well” is almost 70% completed [this book is also a stand-alone sequel to my debut YA romance novel, “I Kissed a Ghost.”

As I’ve mentioned previously, with all of the Christian books I’m reading/reviewing, I’ve decided to write 2 Christian books of my own. The first is a YA Christian romance novella entitled, “It Had All Been a Game” and the second is “Christian Short Stories and Essays” a collection of 50 items.

Hopefully, if everything goes as planned, I’ll have all these writing endeavors published by the end of November. In the meantime, why not check out all of my books on Amazon.

If anyone would like to interview me as an author, as a book review or both for their blog/website just send a message to my FaceBook account. Just enter my full name to start the interview process – THANKS]

So, in closing my dear followers have a BLESSED WEEKEND for your families !!! 😊 😊 😊

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I’ve been quite busy reading/reviewing these books, especially with my having read 7 Christian books in a row. As such I can’t remember if I had time to leave links to my reviews here, I’m leaving the links to them now. I hope everyone here will enjoy reading my reviews as much as I had reading/reviewing these books and writing these reviews.

Have a BLESSED WEEKEND with your families !!! 😊 😊 😊

NOTE: ALL of these books can be read for FREE as an Amazon KINDLE Unlimited [KU] download

Jocelyn Soriano

Dr. Alex Young

J M Navon

D L Moody

Eloise Cole

Daniel Green

Jocelyn Soriano

BOOK REVIE # 2019-153 – Polly Diamond and the Super Stunning Spectacular School Fair

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I received a print copy of this book from the publisher through a giveaway they had on LibraryThing, and the following is my honest opinion.

How many parents reading this review can remember as a child you loved to write stories and pretend that they were true, I can. As a child, using one of those black/white marble cardboard covered notebooks, I can remember writing them. Some of these stories were like the ones Polly Diamond writes in her magic book, Spell; which is why my inner-child loved reading this book, the only difference is that the stories she writes actually do come true.

As adults, we know how complicated the English language can be to learn even though we’ve been born here; especially when a word can have several meanings. We need to be precise as possible so there won’t be any problems with what we need or want. This is the lesson Polly learns, as the difference between her stories and the ones we wrote, is that her stories actually do come true.

If you’re going to be using your imagination as Polly does, there could be all sorts of consequences, some funny and some serious; if you don’t sure you’ve asked for precisely what you want to have, like what happens to her. And if you’re going to have something like a school fair, you’d like to make sure it will an extraordinary one which no one will ever forget.

For having given her young readers, including my inner-child, an imaginative educational reading experience; my adult side is giving the author, Alice Kuipers, the 5 STARS she’s gotten; along with Diana Toledano for her on-point illustrations for the text.

This love of writing is still with me, as I’ve become an author myself.


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With my manuscript for my second Christian writing endeavor entitled, “Christian Short Stories,” having a total of 24 stories, I’ve decided to post an example periodically of what I’ve written so far. In this one, the letters of the prompt is being used to begin the first word of each sentence.

Your feedback would be appreciated.

Remember, I usually post reviews here for the Christian books I’ve read/reviewed. So far this year 66 of the 160 books [over 40%] have been for Christian books. To read these reviews, you’re invited to check them out at:

Have a BLESSED SUNDAY with your families.



Brian Spector has a 40th anniversary gift for his dying wife Joyce fulfilled his promise of taking her the Holy Land, Israel one day,

Everything he planned for their stay there had been thought out and planned to the nth degree.

After arriving at their hotel in Jerusalem and resting a bit, Brian started to take Joyce on the itinerary he had so painfully planned.

Crossing back and forth, from town to town, these two followed wherever the Lord’s had traveled to during his short life here on earth.

Happenstances caused Brian to change his plans on their last day, and instead of going to Bethlehem, he took Joyce to a BEACH on the Sea of Galilee [Tiberias]. There on the sands they sat peacefully talking about the fabulous time they’ve had living together, raising their children and grandchildren as devout Christians, when all of a sudden Joyce went silent. Brian looked at wife and instead of seeing her looking forward, he saw her looking towards the heavens with a huge peaceful smile on her face. When he tried touching her, she didn’t move but remained motionless with her eyes still looking towards the sky and the smile still frozen on her face.

Then came the dreaded, yet consoling, realization that his dear wife had died peacefully sitting there. Given the location, and being a devout Christian, Brian began to wonder whether his wife had actually seen the Lord during the last final minutes of her life, just as His disciplines saw him during his third post-resurrection appearance, as stated in John 21.


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With the way things are changing with me I’m going try to be brief. To begin with I’ve already read/reviewed about 60% of the books I usually do; and while I’ve done a few more reviews. I still behind in posting 8 reviews to my two blog sites.

Last time I’d mentioned I’m up to 13 Chapters, 66 pages with approximately 15,100 words [the formatting for the Word Document for the book is that of a regular book] for my debut YA Christian romance novella, I completed this chapter by adding about 500 new words, the page count has only increased by ONE page since the prior last page only had three lines in it. Currently the manuscript is about 62.3% complete and hopefully now will be completed by the end of next month [August 31st].

I’ve changed what I’m writing for my second Christian book. After reviewing the Flash Fictions I’ve already written I’ve decided to scrap most of them, and now will be writing short stories instead. Taking the Flash Fictions, I decided to keep I’ve expanded them in order to give each one some more meat to the stories themselves. I’ve devoted the majority of my time since my last post in writing these stories, and at the present time I’ve got a total of 24, ranging from 1 to 5 pages and from 171 to 950 words. The concept for each story is the same, they’re all being written around a prompt where the letters of the prompt form the beginnings of each of the words which begin each of the sentences, or where it forms part of the theme of the story connected to the prompt. I’m planning to complete this Christian endeavor at the same time as my other one so I can have a DOUBLE RELEASE on the same day. Both of these books will be published under R. L. Morgan in order to keep this genre of books separate from those being published under Robin Leigh Morgan.

REMEMBER, if you’re ever looking for the next book for you or your child to read, I got 1,161 reviews now on at

BTW – my other writing endeavors are more or less on the back burners, although I might be checking them out if I get a chance.


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Last year, after reading/reviewing several Christian books I had gotten the urge to write my own.

With that urge, I began writing my debut YA/NA Christian romance novella entitled “It Had All Been a Game.” As I wrote in a previous post, after a brief interlude I’ve returned writing it. At the present time, I’m up to 13 Chapters, 66 pages with approximately 15,100 words [the formatting for the Word Document for the book is that of a regular book]. Currently, the manuscript is about 60% complete and hopefully will be completed in about the next 2/3 weeks.

The second Christian I’d planned to write would have been a collection of 40 poems and 40 flash fiction stories. When I stopped writing due to a serious issue which had cropped up, I had completed writing the poems, and need 11 more stories to have completed writing that portion of the book.

Since the basis for the poems had been derived from church hymns, a Christian sister advised me there might a copyright issue regarding those hymns. So, after an extensive search which revealed nothing positive which I could avail myself of to use in including what I’ve written, I’ve finally decided to take the safe course by not including these poems in my endeavor. With only 29 stories written, I’ve realized I’ll need at 31 more stories in order to make the book more substantial with what it’s offering on its page. And I’m asking you, my readers, to provide me with prompt words I can consider using in writing these addition stories.

With everything that’s going on in my life, I’ve fallen behind in posting the reviews I’ve written and at the present time, my backlog stands at 8 reviews, for which I’ll be catching up on during the next few days.


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The second half of this year has gotten to a slow beginning; however, progress now has movement in what I’d planned to do is starting to take half.
I’ve begun to post copies of the reviews written indicating how many books I’ve reviewed so far this year and how many of these have been for Christian books. The only issue I’ve got pertaining to this is that in order for me to show movement in the other areas I want to accomplish, I’ve created a backlog of 5 reviews which I still need to post here. When I post a review, I would appreciate a little feedback so I’m able to know there’s someone is actually reading these reviews.

An area I’m finally where I’ve begun moving forward on is one of my writing endeavors of which I’ve got five. With all of the Christian books I’ve reviewed so far this year [64 out of a total 157 books, or about 41%], I’ve decided to work one of the two Christian I’m planning to write.

The Christian book, I’m currently writing is a YA/NA Christian second chance romance novella, with a working title of “It Had All Been a Game.” Since July 6th, I’ve written 4 chapters, consisting of 13 pages and approximately 2.800 words, resulting in the book being about 59% completed, based on the projected length of 25,000 words. Given the genre of this endeavor is different from the other ones I’ve already written I’ll be writing all my Christian books under the name of R L Morgan.

As of today, according to the figures on Amazon, I’ve already reviewed 1,158 books since officially becoming a book reviewer, 5 years ago next month. Not bad for a 2nd-second career since retiring 9 ½ years ago. Both my reading/reviewing books in addition to my writing books is helping to keep this aging mind, young and active.

If anyone is interested in interviewing me for their blog or website, I’m available on a first come basis, just send me a direct message through my Twitter account.

Robin Leigh Morgan

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