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The countdown has begun for the most important day for romance in any woman’s life. Are you ready for it?

If you are or if you’re not what better way can there be other than fantasizing about being in the shoes of the female protagonists in each of these 18 steamy, hot marvelous short stories covering a wide variety of genres. These stories are wonderful being read when you’re finally alone after having getting the kids off to school and your dear other half off to work. Just imagine yourself grabbing a mug of your favorite cup of Joe, and relax with your feet up in that comfortable recliner in the den or living room, listening to some romantic sweet music as you read one of these stories.

Anthologies are a wonderful way to enjoy a new story written by an author you’ve come to love, and new authors you haven’t discovered yet.

For having each of the authors helping us get ready for Valentine’s Day with their own unique style of writing how can I not give this collection 5 STARS.

Besides given the price of the KINDLE Edition [when it’s released on February 1, 2017] how can you go wrong. If you can’t wait the paperback edition is available now.

I had requested and have received an ARC mobi.file of this book and the above has been my honest opinion.





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This will be one of my new weekly posting entries where I will be writing about three Haikus to the prompt word emailed to me from the Haiku Horizon site   

[ ]


This week prompt is: “LATE”


Not to be on time

A shame for me it will be

When all others gone.


Early bird gets worm

Arrive late won’t work at all

Prizes gobbled up


Winter comes this year

Making season’s time askew

Will spring be on time

(C) Robin Leigh Morgan – 1/2017




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I can’t believe it’s been over a month since my last status report; but, here I go, doing it again by not posting the way I would like to; on a more regular basis. It’s the holiday season and you know how hectic that can be. But it’s New Year’s Eve and for the coming year I’m making a New Year’s Resolution to keep to some sort of a regular schedule in the kind of postings I do each week.

One of the things I would like to do interviewing authors, especially those who had to write in my genre of romance, hopefully once a week regarding their writing endeavors on both of my blog sites [ and] provided I can find authors who are interested in being interviewed by me. So if you would care to be interviewed please let me know as it’s going to be on a first come/first served basis.

I looking at posting more marketing ideas some of which might only be useful to certain individuals, along with one/two new weekly items.

This year I’ve completed the 2016 Reading Challenge on again. I’d set a goal of reading/reviewing 200 books and now at the year of this year I’ve read/reviewed 231 books. As a reminder I don’t accept requests for book reviews. I only read/review books I’ve won through giveaways for books I’m interested in reading, want to read on my own, and if I should receive free download of a book for having subscribed to a newsletter, etc., I read/reviewed them as well provided I’m interested in reading them. Being a Book Reviewer as you probably can tell has become quite a serious endeavor for my 2nd second career since retiring back in the middle of February 2010, and is now doing better than my desire to become a bestselling romance author. Since making my decision to be become a Book Reviewer back in August 2014 I’ve reviewed 461 books on Amazon, GoodReads and LibraryThing. My goal for 2017 will once again be 200 books, and as soon as GoodReads posts their challenge I accept it.

So far I didn’t win one of the two writing contests I’ve entered and I’m still waiting to hear from the second one.

In regards to my writing endeavors I’ve got three WIPs I’m set on completing before July 2017: an adult Contemporary romance novella entitled “His Darkest Secret,” a MG/YA Urban Fantasy novella entitled “The Secret of the Well,” and an GLBT Erotic Shape-Shifting novella entitled “The Transformation.”

I also in the midst of deciding whether I should go with a reediting of my debut romance novel, a MG/YA Paranormal entitled “I Kissed a Ghost” which if I do will result in a good period of time for the book being not available in either the paperback or KINDLE version.

I would love to read your comments so I know what you think or how you feel about my posts and activities; so don’t be shy or bashful.

Lastly, I want to wish all of my followers on this blog and your families a Very Happy and Prosperous New Year.


Robin Leigh Morgan



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Being a child of the 1950’s I was born along with the real birth of the genre of music we fondly know as “Rock ‘n Roll”, and then for the genre known as “Pop”. By the time I was eight [1959] and could really begin to enjoy listening to the old style radios we had I enjoyed listening to this kind of music. While I might not have understood the meanings of the songs being sung, I still enjoyed the sound of these songs.

When I was ten I got my first transistor radio with those rectangle 9 volt batteries I could listen to my music any time I wanted to. The problem was back then I fell asleep with the radio on, and as you might have guessed by the time I woke up the battery had died. I had no music so I wound up, much to my chagrin, having to ask my parents for money to buy a new battery. Of course, wanting to teach me a lesson about responsibility [turning off the radio before going to sleep], they would deduct it from my allowance.

All my friends had record players which we listened to the 45 rpm records we used to buy with our allowances. Some of my friends had been lucky as their parents gave them money to buy their records any time a song became very popular. There was never a party where records weren’t played, sometimes over and over again. We used to stack as many records as we could so we wouldn’t have to change the records on our own. Diners had a small one at all of the booths they had, and if you were lucky your parents would pay for your song selections.

We all loved listening to the songs of the “Rock ‘n Roll” and “Pop”, etc. eras, we never became interested if there was a reason as to why the singer[s] decided to write their songs. Even though the eras of this music have died, we’ve never gotten the music out of our blood. Which is why we’re nostalgic about them still today, and why, even as adults, we’re always looking for an opportunity to see our favorite artists live. And along with this nostalgia comes an interest in knowing if there had been a reason for any of the songs a specific artist is noted for singing.

The only way to find out what had brought about the creation of the songs we had loved is to speak to those involved which is precisely what Marc Myers has done here. By interviewing these individuals [those still alive] the author takes us into their minds and the events surrounding the decades of songs the author has included in this marvelous compendium of the songs we all loved listening to as we grew up, songs we still love hearing today.

If there’s song which would epitomize all of the songs and artists in this book it would be Barry Manilow’s song I Write the Songs:

I’ve been alive forever

And I wrote the very first song

I put the words and the melodies together

I am music and I write the songs


I write the songs that make the whole world sing

I write the songs of love and special things

I write the songs that make the young girls cry

I write the songs, I write the songs

My home lies deep within you

And I’ve got my own place in your soul

Now, when I look out through your eyes

I’m young again, even though I’m very old


Oh my music makes you dance

And gives you spirit to take a chance

And I wrote some rock ‘n’ roll so you can move

Music fills your heart

Well, that’s a real fine place to start

It’s from me it’s for you

It’s from you, it’s for me

It’s a worldwide symphony



This is why I loved Marc Myers efforts in compiling this compendium of the origins of each of the songs he’s included here. Some of us might be familiar with the songs included in this book as they come from a column, of the same name, which the author wrote for the Wall Street Journal [2011 – 2016]. It must have been a monumental task for the author to select the 45 songs he’s included from all those he’s written about; perhaps if we’re lucky we might see a second book covering additional songs, songs we’ve listen to which we’d love to know the origins of.

For bringing back memories of our younger days and for enlightening us as to the origins of these songs, how can I not give Mr. Myers 5 STARS for his endeavor here.





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I know it has been over three weeks since my last Status Report but as you’ll see I’ve been extremely busy. During the past 24 days I’ve:

Read/reviewed 16 books.

Today I’ve posted 2 reviews on which completes my reading challenge goal there of reading/reviewing 200 books by the end of this year.

I can’t believe it’s been about 26 months since I decided to officially become a Book Reviewer and as of the writing of this Status Report I’ve read/reviewed 429 books with an Amazon Reviewer Ranking of 3,278. My 2nd second career since retiring from my NYCity civil service job has become far more successful than my second career as a romance author.

I’ve judge 5 entries for one reading contest, and I’m in the process of judging 3 entries for a RWA Chapter contest where I’ve just completed judging one entry today.

As you’ve read in my previous Status Reports, I’ve entered two different RWA Chapter’s writing contests and I’m now in the process of trying to complete both the adult Contemporary novel and the Erotic novella before the end of the end so my completed manuscripts can be ready in case I should be declared a finalist in either/both contests I’ve entered and someone wants to see the completed manuscript. As far as the status of my manuscripts is concerned; the adult Contemporary is about 84% completed compared to about 48% for the erotic novella.

My intention of interviewing authors for my blog here has fallen to the wayside since I failed to get anyone interested in being interviewed by me.

My dear followers, I would love to read any comments you might have.

As a reminder, you can find my reviews here:

And more as to who I am here: 🙂

Have a GREAT WEEK with whatever you do !!! 🙂 🙂 🙂


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I received an ARC [Advanced Reader’s Copy] of this book from the publisher and the following is my honest opinion.

The moment I’d received my ARC copy of this book I had been able to find a video for the “banned” documentary the government didn’t want anyone to see. The documentary did a marvelous job in presenting a visual of what the individuals involved in creating the tunnel and their successful escape to freedom. In the NBC documentary you got to see and understand the risks they had to face in not being caught and feel the highly fraught emotions they faced each day. The unfortunately given the time restraints the documentary had to deal with to show everything important regarding the dire undertakings these individuals took to gain their freedom from the suppressed living conditions in Berlin in 1962.

There was no time to dwell into all of the historical background related to the creation of the divided city of Berlin and the construction of the wall which isolated it from the rest of the world.

Mr. Greg Mitchell has gone an exquisite job in gathering the informational minutia related to the Berlin Wall and all the escape attempts especially as well as the planning for the specific escape this book deals with and the documentary which the government tried to suppress during the heighten Cold War period during the Kennedy’s presidency. The author describes all the players involved and the specific roles they played in being a hindrance to the escape attempt and more important helping it move towards its ultimate fruition.

With the all of the completed appendices and index which will be included in the completed book, this book about “The Tunnels” being dug in Berlin during the Cold War will make an awesome edition to any library, which is why I’ve given Mr. Mitchell 5 STARS for his endeavor here.



If anyone is interested in viewing the program this book refers to here’s the link:


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As you know life has a way of throwing a curve into its path and changing the path of your destiny, because most likely it has already happened to you in one form or another.

With the author’s skill of writing this novella you find yourself stepping into Lorileen Masters’ shoes and that you’re a teenager, a teenager who has basically everything she wants to have based on her family’s situation; but the only thing which prevents this from being an ideal situation is that you and your family have both been cursed by a malevolent witch, and it’s up to you to undo it.

You’re told the only way for this to happen is to confront the witch face to face and work out an amiable agreement for the curse to be lifted; not an easy task since there’s usually a formidable price which would be demanded to be paid.

Lorileen’s trek is quite daunting as she’s constantly being stalked by shadows, shadows which can only belong to the witch. But her white knight, Archer Cross, in the guise of a hunter, comes to rescue her and then protect her until she reaches the destination of her quest, with his surprising power over her shadows.

There’s a kismet which takes here between these two individuals, a kismet which neither one had ever expected the moment they first met. It is also where life might be throwing a curve into Lori’s life; for if she succeeds in undoing her curse, she’ll have no memory of the trek she has just endured, no memory of anything which has transpired since the curse had first been cast, which definitely includes her savior Archer.

Will Lori toss away the reason she made her trek just to be with Archer? Could the kismet which occurred when they first met survive the aftermath of the curse being lifted? I’m not telling.

This YA romance novella also contains the right amount of humor, magic and fantasy to engage its readers to continue reading, which is why I’ve given Ms. Brooke and this book 5 STARS.



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