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I’d received a PDF.file copy of this from the author through a giveaway he recently had on LibraryThing and the following is my honest opinion.

The author, Curtis Edmonds, has written a marvelous rhyming alphabetical listing of girl’s names that one girl imagines she might be instead of herself. Each time she images another name she’s in another state of the U.S. doing some sort of activity. Yet, her imagination is just that for she really enjoys being herself, doing the things she likes to do, but most of all she enjoys being with the family she. What adds to this book’s readers enjoying it is the fabulous illustrations done by Mat Sadler.

While each name appears to have a city and an activity haphazardly associated with it, there’s actually an educational reason behind it. An educational reason which parents can find at the end of the book, where a fact about the state and the activity each girl mention is mentioned is given. Parents can either copy each of these pages from the paperback edition, or copy/paste from the KINDLE and sit with their daughters the first time she reads the book. The inspiration for this book came from the author’s daughters, whose names are mentioned in the book.

For having given his young readers as well as their parents an enjoyable and educational reading experience there’s no way I can’t give its author and illustrator 5 STARS.

Now, that this author has given us a book written for parents and their daughters, I feel it’s no more than fitting that he writes one for parents and their sons.




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I read this book via an Amazon-US KINDLE Unlimited download.

While this short book’s complete title: “HOW TO TALK DIRTY: 263 Best Dirty Talk Examples and Tips to Drive Your Partner Absolutely Wild” seems to indicate it’s a guide to wonderful increase the sexual relationship with your partner, it can also rekindle the one you’ve thought you’ve lost. Which I s something I’m going to use to surprise my dear OH with the first chance I get. To better understand this book’s intent, all you need to do is it read the book’s introduction.

Being a voracious Book Reviewer, I read a wide variety of genres, from children’s all the way to erotic BSDM romances. In reading those erotic novels I love to fantasize being in the shoes of the female protagonist, especially when I get to read the explicit erotic dialogue she hears and speaks, as I begin to get arouse with the language being used and the visual images I see in my mind. Even as I read the examples being given I could see how using “dirty talk” properly can increase the desired effect/image authors would like to project in their novels.

As an author who happens to write romance I can easily see this book being used as sort of a bible as how to handle and improve an erotic author’s writing. The book with its illustrative instructions and examples these can help erotic authors to better understand the “dirty talk” they would like to write.
For having given a wide potential audience of readers an insightful self-help book, I’m giving this book 5 STARS.


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I’d been in the mood to read/review another tender Inspiration/Christian romance, so as I usually do I did a genre search and this book’s title caught my eye. Naturally, While I knew a little about Charlemagne and his “converting” pagans to Christianity by the sword, I didn’t know anything about the Vikings and their conversion.

Ms. Soard did a decent job in researching the historical aspects for her story, because as I found out in doing my own research. Not all Vikings fell into the image we’ve got in our minds of being fierce pillagers, some were traders. Viking traders noticed they could do better business as a Christian than they could a Viking, so they wore a cross while amongst Christians and Thor’s hammer when they weren’t, and could practice both religions if they weren’t baptized, which had been the practice for a few centuries.

And it’s this practice of embracing two cultures which brought conflict into Rok Erikson’s life and his mind. He must deal with going up against those who are intent to kill his father, yet this doing this would be a transgression of the new Christian faith he’s embrace.

When his eldest brother winds up killing the man who’s out to kill his father, and violates a frail daughter sexually; another daughter takes a dagger to slay him in revenge and out of fear she’d be next. She’s forced to leave her ravaged sister behind when she’s taken prisoner by Rok’s family to face a trial for her living up to her own family’s code of honor.

Kismet has a way of stepping in and complicating matters as Leani finds herself being increasingly attracted to Rok who doesn’t know who is she. Her mind is now in turmoil as she faces a dichotomy in her beliefs, Leani’s guilt-ridden with the murder she’s committed on one hand and desperate to find some non-existing compassion on the other.

Ultimately, she realizes how her new-found faith in G-d can be her salvation when she’d thought there could be none.

The author did a marvelous job in intertwining both the Viking and Christian belief systems and religions. This endeavor by Ms. Soard is sure to pull at your heartstrings even though you might believe you’ve got none, which is why I’ve given it the 5 STARS it richly deserves.




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It’s happened before, and it’s happened again, my best laid plans have gotten shot down. I did so much want to have the re-editing process of what had been my debut romance novel, a MG/YA Paranormal entitled “I Kissed a Ghost”, completed by now, along with its release. Now I estimated I’ll be finished with this endeavor before the end of the week. One thing arose with what the line editor, who’s done a marvelous job correcting and smoothing out the manuscript, wound up finding a “non-forgivable” which I’d made which involved a time factor. This caused me needing to rewrite several preceding sections of the manuscript. This error had a ripple effect since she also found subsequent sections continuing the error I’d made, each requiring a re-write of what came before/after the offending section. I now need to do another double check to see if I’ve made all the suggestions she’s made.

Another issue I needed to deal had been my “daughter,” Kathryn Heart, who’s is my erotic side and needs to be able to promote herself and her endeavors. Naturally, she’s interest in more and more erotic writing endeavors, which involves a great deal of time. With her needs being satisfied at least for now, I can return to concentrate on my own writing endeavors.

I don’t know I’ve done it, but I’ve written about another 16 reviews since my last Status Report, and I’d love for you to check them out. Who knows, you might be able to find your next book to read:

I’d love to read some feedback from you, my blog followers, so I will know you’re alive. I would also love to start interviewing my fellow romance authors, so DM me on Twitter

So, have a GREAT WEEK my Dears with whatever you’re doing.


Robin Leigh


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Here’s this week’s prompt from the Haiku Horizon site which is “POST” and here are my three Haiku response endeavors:
[ ]

Horse tied to a post
Pretty philly he does see
But can’t go here her

Waiting for the post
My check more than a week late
Nuts another bill

House has three huge posts
Holding up a huge terrace
Take one terrace’s gone

Would love to get your feedback


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While Valentine’s Day is not here, the nine stories in this book like the spirit of the holiday can easily warm the cockles of your heart at any time of the year.

Being a child of the 1950’s I can easily remember, like some if not most of most of you are reading this, those small red square boxes with the heart-shaped window, loaded with those sweet multi-colored heart-shaped candy with sayings only a young girl would understand; candy which the boys would frown about eating.

Each of these nine stories, like shaking of one those candies into your hand, don’t have to read in any particular order. So, write the nine titles on pieces of paper, put them in a small paper bag, and pick out one at a time just like you did with those candies. However, before you begin reading the story you’ve selected; close your eyes, and envision an imagine of what the message on the paper means to you today as an adult; because each of those pieces of paper is a major underlining component for the storyline.

While some of you might not have had any difficulty in finding your one and only, the rest of you did, and became desperate enough like in “Fiddler on the Roof” when Tevye and Golde’s daughters sing about a matchmaker choosing a partner for them.

With stories from contemporary and historical romances, set in different time periods and locations you’ll find yourselves having a hard time not feeling the emotions felt by the two main characters as you fantasize being in the shoes of the female protagonists in these stories, the way I did. I could have easily downloaded this collection via KINDLE Unlimited, but I chose to buy a copy instead; I’m glad I did and it’s why I’ve decided to give this collection and its authors 5 STARS.




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eI read this book via an Amazon-US KINDLE Unlimited download.

How many of you mothers reading this can remember your last day of middle school [junior high school in some areas]? Weren’t you happy you weren’t going to look as a child anymore, but more as a young adult; of course, you were. So why not allow your daughter in step into Bethany’s shoes as she’s about to transition going to high school.

You know quite well about all the excitement of going to high school for the first time, as well as all the angsts associated with it.

From your older friends, back then, you already knew about the fun extra-curriculum you had like baseball and football games, and let us not forget the dances. Yet, you and probably like this book’s protagonist, Bethany, are lacking one vital ingredient, that of not having a boyfriend to share everything with.

Perhaps you had been as lucky as Bethany and had a friend like Shelby who’ll stay by your side as you journey to your first day of high school. This summer vacation, after the eighth grade, is a vacation which can be fraught with some life-alternating experiences, like finding your first real boyfriend, a real first kiss and perhaps even a possible first love. But along with this you might have had someone who on one hand appears to be your friend, but, is an individual who is envious of you and what you might have [especially if it’s a boyfriend], and who would like nothing more than create problems for you in getting and keeping these things. Bethany has Brooke, who did you have?  

This book has an enlightening storyline for young girls, a storyline which is sure to bring these memories back to you as their mothers.

So why not have them read this book, so you can also read it yourself; which is why I’m happy to give the author, Laurel Veil 5 STARS for her endeavor here.




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