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I can’t believe I didn’t post my last update back on August 1st, which I written on this date. I guess I must have had a MAJOR DISTRACTION as the reason for the mishap.

Any way on Monday, July 30th I’d hit what I call a milestone in my 2nd second career since retiring back in February of 2010, that of being a Book Reviewer, I got my 3,000th HELPFUL nod on Amazon. Around that date I’d had written my 874th review and had an Amazon Reviewer Ranking of 1,317 covering a wide spectrum. Right I’ve got 887 reviews with a Reviewer Ranking of 1,285 which makes me a relatively hot reviewer. So, if you’re look for your next summertime read or that of child you’re invited to check my reviews out at:
I’m basically timely with reading my reviews. I also need to start posting some more marketing/promotional suggestions, something I’ve been horribly bad in not doing.

I had both of my books [KINDLE Editions] involved with giveaways on Amazon, which by the way is a simply marvelous manner in obtaining FREE books to simply read, and if you’re like me, write reviews for.

Things are really starting to fall into place, I’m keeping up to date with reading of my emails better than I’ve done in months. I now need to post a few marketing/promotional ideas, which I’ll be doing later this evening.

My erotic side has at long last returned to the writing of her first erotic BSDM romance novella, “The Transformation.” For the past five days I’ve written about 270 words each day which translates into two chapters, six pages and 1,350 words. If I can keep this rate up I should be able to type that elusive final period of my manuscript.

In addition, she’s completed a revamp and editing of a second, steamier erotic romance novella entitled, “Becoming the Bride’s Model.”

Lastly, as far as my own two writing endeavors are concerned, they’ll be on the back burner at least until the middle of October.



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At weddings I go.
Catching the bouquet bride throws
And be next to wed

Guy takes a big bribe
So that he will throw the fight
I’d bet on wrong guy

Beanbag thrown on ground
I hop around the numbers
Trying not to fall.

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I know I haven’t posted in the past month, but you know how the way plans and things can go awry at the worst possible moment. Well it did for me.

As I wrote last time I had just begun to get back to my old former self my dear OH reminded me, after I’d made my post that I had to go for jury that following Monday. It wasn’t regular jury duty, it was GRAND JURY; four days a week for four weeks hearing cases the DA [District Attorney] wants to prosecute and wants to know if the panel of jurors feel he’s got enough evidence to move forwards with his case, and between the cases we got to hear and we heard over 70 I had “free”, I got to do “whatever” I wanted to do.

Luckily, my dear OH had gifted me with a KINDLE reader; so, I did one of the things that I’m known to, which is the reading/reviewing of books. During the time I’d spent in the courthouse and time commuting I wound up reading about 30 books. As of the writing of this post I’m up to 862 reviews on with a Amazon Reviewer Ranking of 1,396 and if you’d like to read any of my reviews you’re invited to check out:
Naturally, once I got home I need to rest, check on my daily deluge of emails and to write my reviews; leaving little time for anything else. The weekends got spent relaxing, shopping and of course dining out with who else but you know who.

As for my writing, and that of my erotic self [Kathryn Heart], nothing really got accomplished aside from mapping out the rest of her erotic, BDSM debut novella entitled “The Transformation” which she now plans to completed within the next month and self-publication sometime in September.

Here’s hoping I’ll be able to get to posting everything I used to going forwards.


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This week’s prompt from the Haiku Horizon site which is “LIFT” and here are my three Haiku response endeavors:
[ ]

Man’s height is too short
To cheat he wear special shoes
Attract women now.

Sad, down in the dumps
Need a guy to come kiss me
Help lift my spirits.

Can’t reach an upper shelf
Hubby comes to lift me up
Dinner can be cooked.

Would love to hear your feedback.


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Those of you who know me know that besides being an author, know that I’m a rather voracious Book Reviewer who has a policy of not accepting requests to review a book:

I currently have 834 reviews on Amazon with an Amazon Reviewer Ranking of 1,422.
If I don’t obtain a copy of a book personally, I get them through the myriad of giveaways authors have through their FaceBook, blog/web site, which is in additional to the old standard GoodReads and LibraryThing. Recently I’ve found my way to the giveaways Amazon has on its site, and they’ve proved to be a far more fruitful site in obtaining books.
If you go to the giveaway site you’ll find a vast variety of products being made available. As with all giveaways you find several kinds of giveaway for books. While some are a simple click the ENTER button, others require you to follow someone or view a video for 30 seconds before you’re permitted to hit the ENTER button.
As for the giveaways themselves, there are several varieties. Some are based on being entered in a drawing at the end of the giveaway, some are a random selection [every eligible entry has 1 in 100 chance to win, up to 2 winners], and some are based on being the nth request to enter the giveaway [every 50th eligible entry will win, up to 10 winners.] It is this type of giveaway which might cause you to want to check what’s happening with the book giveaways. I’m saying this because on more than one occasion I won a giveaway because of the following: [Every 2nd eligible entry will win, up to 50 winners.] As you can see only 100 individuals need to enter the giveaway before the giveaway has ended, which theoretically could be in about an hour considering all of the individuals looking at the giveaways.
As I’ve stated, I’ve found the Amazon giveaway site to fruitful in obtaining books, I’ve won 13 books so far in the past 14 days. Here’s the link to the Amazon giveaways:
I hope this information has proven to be useful


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I’m happy to say I’m finally get back to being my old self. I’ve picked up on the speed I’m reading/reviewing the books on my TBReviewed pile. I’ve now got 834 reviews on Amazon from a view variety of genres. Hopefully I’ll be able to obtain the goal I’ve set for myself for this year’s GoodReads Reading Challenge of 250 books. I’m going to post a somewhat new source from which I’ve been getting free books to read. It’s the summertime, so if you’re looking for the next book for you or your child to read, why not check out all of my reviews at:

While my own writing endeavors are still on the back burner, my erotic side has finally added about 1,300 words to one of her current endeavors, which now hopefully can be completed by the end of July. Once it’s ready to be published I’ll need to check out the publishing process from KINDLE/KDP is like, create a simplified cover design on my own.

I would love for you to check out both of my two books which are FREE with KINDLE UNLIMITED, so download and peruse them as I can use the funds to help me self-publish my endeavors.


Robin Leigh


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This week’s prompt from the Haiku Horizon site which is “FLAME” and here are my three Haiku response endeavors:
[ ]

The bright candle’s light.
Welcome sight cold winter’s night
Warm one’s fingertips.

She’s his only flame.
Death came and took her away.
Heart needs mending now.

Flame from campfire.
Toast marshmallows on long twig.
Childhood days recalled.

Would love to hear your feedback.

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