Well given I’m finally returning to writing my second romance novel in earnest, I’m back here where hopefully I’ll once again use Lillie’s prompts to get the creative juices inside those little grey cells I’ve got inside my heading flowing again.

This week Lillie McFerrin has given us the prompt of “MALICE” with which to write our Five Sentence Flash fiction.  PLEASE leave your comments and if you’re not already following blog here, I’d like to invite you to do so.


M urder is the action Sean decided to take against the person who had cheated with his wife.

AL one on a deserted dark street near the person’s job would be the location.

I n an instant it would happen, in a wink of an eye the ghastly deed would take place, and it was so done.

C arefully making sure he has any evidence which would connect him to the crime, Sean begins to run for his life.

E scaping from the scene Sean immediately trips on the wet pavement and wakes up a moment later; for luckily for him, it had only been a dream.



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This week Lillie [] has asked us to write a Five Sentence Fiction response to her prompt of MAGNETIC.  I couldn’t believe this has given me the opportunity to disclose part of the storyline of my second romance writing endeavor, a still untitled Contemporary romance.

After Jessica’s car accident, William Griffith, a volunteer firefighter, came to her aid by extricating her from her vehicle.  He placed her in a sitting position her against her car, making sure she was okay. After a few moments he saw Jessica trying to stand up and immediately went to her side to give his assistance, and as he held her against his chest, she felt a warm secure feeling which she never had experienced in a man’s arms before. Perhaps this is why she accepted his offer to drive her home in his SUV, and once there invited him inside.  After he advised her that the SUV’s battery had died and that he wouldn’t to get a boost until the next morning, Jessica offered Bill a spare room to spend the night, not knowing that this would be the relationship she’d always dreamt of having.

I would definitely love to get feedback on this.

Robin Leigh Morgan – YA Paranormal Romance Author

“I Kissed a Ghost”


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Well I’m glad things have finally returned to normalcy and I can once again start to have those little grey cells in my head start flowing again so the creativity I once had to write my next romance manuscript can finally return to me relatively unscathed.

And one of the things I used to love to do had been to respond to the weekly prompt by Lillie McFerrin to write a Five Sentence Fiction based on a single word.  This week the prompt word is FABRIC


F or the past weeks things kept on popping up which had prevent me from pursuing my normal and regular writing activities which usually made up the FABRIC of my daily existence.

A lone without a computer to aid me in these daily quests, I’d been left forlorn with more and more things needing to get done as each moment ticked slowly by.

BR eaking up my daily routine has created voids and nothing to fill them with.

I ncreasing impatient I’d become with every lapsed moment in my new world without an electronic connection to the outside.

C essation of my miserable state finally came to an end after about four days when I finally restored the programming to my printer and I could hold my newly created words for my next romance novel in my hands, and have the FABRIC of my daily existence return to its previous docile state.



Another week has come and Lillie McFerrrin [

]has given another Five Sentence Fiction prompt for us to contend with. For this week she has given us LOCKED; and after thinking about it for the past two days, I’ve come up with the following and I’d love to hear your comments. This is something that I’ve missed doing for a while and it should get the creative juices in my little grey cells flowing again.


Yes, that’s what we as authors all are, LOCKED in a struggle.

We’re all LOCKED in a struggle as what line we should write next.

We’re all LOCKED in a struggle to get our completed endevor published.

The everyday life of an author is a struggle.

And how many of you authors reading this, as I am, LOCKED in struggle to someone to buy our creation[s]. 

Robin Leigh Morgan                                                                                                              YA Paranormal Romance Author                                                                                          “I Kissed a Ghost”