This review is for the third of the four signed books I’ve recently won from this author through a massive giveaway on one internet site, which had consisted of 13 individual ones, and the following is my honest opinion for this book.

The first thing any potential reader needs to know about this book is the book’s title, “TMI.”  For those who aren’t really savvy on the internet the title appears to be three random letters, lumped together. But, for who are, it means “too much information.” For those who understand this, use it as a response in TwitterSpeak to an overload of information, and in terms for this book, it means there’s been an inappropriate disclosure of personal information.

Ms. Blount skillfully explores this notion in her book when Bailey develops an online relationship with a faceless guy. Ryder West, she has yet to meet in person. When this relationship turns into almost an infatuation Bailey wants to spend more quality time with him, and in doing so winds up for the want of a better word, ignoring her best friend, Meg.

Naturally, Meg resents being casted aside like an old shoe. She doesn’t trust him, and she wants Bailey to remove the rose-colored glasses she probably wearing, and see the truth regarding who this guy really is.  As a good friend, Meg innocently posts an insignificant little secret about Ryder; but winds up creating a rift in her friendship with Bailey, a rift which eventually leads to a feud between the one-time best friends.

The dialogue the author uses it authentic, as nothing in the nature of what is being said between the characters. Problems with teens dealing with dead or missing fathers have also been brought into the mix of the book’s storyline, adding to the powerful nature to what Ms. Blount has created here. And once again, the author has included in the back of the included a discussion guide with question to be answered in a group, and self-examination questions for those who read this book.

I hope I haven’t given TMI concerning this book, as it is one which needs to be read on your own to get a better of what the book is communicating; for which I giving it 5 STARS.