I know I haven’t posted my status report in over a week as I’ve been quite busy with a myriad of things, most important of which is finally having a nurse coming to our apartment to evaluate my dear OH in receiving physical therapy at home; which is something the REHAB facility failed to do for almost four weeks.

Having a home attendant has finally allowed me to take care of things I’ve neglected for months, most important of which has been to promote the two books I’ve written. There have also been sites I’m involved with which I’ve catch up with the backlogs I’ve had there.

For the first time in several months, even before my OH got hospitalized and my life became almost chaotic on a regular basis, I’ve got no backlog in the books I need to read/review. This is due in part to my being unable to enter all the giveaways I used to enter; which means I’m now going to turn to my second source for books to review, the internet support group I belong to,

https://ravereviewsbynonniejules.wordpress.com [mention my name if you decide to join]

Somehow through all this I’ve been able to keep my ranking on Amazon intact.

As you might expect with all this going on, and scarcely any sales in neither of my books, I’ve become somewhat depressed at times. I would to publicly thank all of my followers who have contact me personally with your kind words of support. Hoping everyone and your families will have a happy and safe holiday weekend.


  Robin Leigh