This is the first erotic, in fact any romance novel, set in this time period; that I’ve read/reviewed and am looking to read more of.

I loved the author’s slow, methodical pacing, starting at the beginning of the first scene which truly had set the mood of what’s taking place as well as showing her reader’s the all the fear, emotions and uncertainty of her main character, Aetherlin had.

 What starts out as Aetherlin and Hrald being almost adversaries to each to each other, slowly changes as the passion they begin to share keeps growing. Readers, I feel will get thrown into her shoes as they begin to feel the almost raw emotions these two have for each other, until a crescendo is reached.

 The dialogue, the character’s actions and descriptions of the scenes are apparently quite accurate as far as I’ve found for this time period.

 For giving her readers a sizzling hot read as they drink their morning cup of their favorite Joe, I’m giving Ms. Ashworth 5 STARS.

 NOTE: I had requested a copy this book from The Romance Reviews website and I’ve been selected to receive a PDF.file copy of it in return for a honest review.