Mr. Hogan had a giveaway for this book on LibraryThing and I was fortunate to have snagged one of the KINDLE copies which were being given away and the following is my honest opinion for this book.

Being a child of the 1950’s we didn’t have all of the things kids of today have. We had no DVDs, CDs, high-definition televisions, electronic game boxes, etc. Instead we all played street games; girls had their games and the boys had their games. Reading this book brought me back to those simple days, days in which kids had to be creative in finding things to amuse ourselves with. One thing we had in common was jokes and more jokes. Unfortunately, I believe the art of children telling jokes to each other has for the most part been lost.

Reading this book as an adult, I believe you’ll find it rekindling your memory of those days when you and your friends shared jokes on a regular basis and remember how happy you were telling them. If it does, then why not share this joy and happiness with your children and see if they’ll come up with some of their own jokes.

For rekindling the memory of my days as a child and for allowing today’s children to experience the telling/sharing of jokes, I giving this book 5 STARS.