Muffy Wilson has an apparent inane ability to handle this genre easily as can be seen in the variety of the three short stories contained in this book. In each of these stories, the author’s writing invites readers to fantasize being in the shoes of the female protagonist, which is what had happened to me.

Without a name for the female protagonist in “The Storm” you it’s easy for you to step into her shoes and imagine you’ve just buried husband and for the first time since you’ve been married you feel abandoned and alone in the world. Could you have become distraught enough that you would decide to end your life by walking headstrong into the ocean? And if a knight on a white horse, in the guise of guy with white hair and a beard comes and rescues you from the fate you had intended for yourself, how grateful would you be towards him. Could and would it give you a reason to start a new sensual relationship with someone new?

In story number two, “The Park”, with the endearing term a hot hunk might give his woman of Lovie, Ms. Wilson makes it easy to once again step into the shoes of the female protagonist as you imagine meeting up with an old childhood friend.

Being a child of the 1950’s the playground was the place our mothers took us to have fun playing and running around with all of our young friends. The playground equipment became other things in our vivid imaginations, like the monkey bars becoming a castle with the center lower square box becoming a dungeon from which the princess needed to be rescued from, the uppermost box became a lookout tower, and the rest of the bars forming a battlefield on which your prince charming and to fight so he can rescue you from the evil knight.

But times change and the playground and park I used to love going to, like the one in the story, is no longer in use by children; having been taken over things such as video games to turn on their imagination.

With the need for the town to save money it sells off the playground to make way for a high-tech waterpark so the children there could once again have fun. The nostalgia for this place when the dedication is supposed to take place creates an opportunity for adults to meet, reminisce of the fun they once had there, and perchance meet an old friend.

This happens when Travis meets his Lovie, and with both of them presently unattached, their remembrances of when they were young and more so in their teens come gushing forth. The love interest they once had for each other as teens which had no real passion, have now matured and their long forgotten unrealized desires have blossomed into a hot passion to be in each other’s arms. Ms. Wilson no stone unturned when these two finally get into bed with each other, leaving her readers only to imagine how much heat there is and they can endure as they read this short story.

In “The Story of Us” Ms. Wilson relates to her readers how much times have changed, especially in the last twelve years. In this story Ms. Wilson gives us two individuals, Mick and Taya, who like myself are children of the 1950’s.

Back then if you were a wallflower, you still might have had a love interest which could be best described as puppy love. A puppy love in which an individual couldn’t express, due to their shyness, how they felt truly towards a person of the opposite sex. And even if you weren’t shy, and went to a park to neck, you were afraid of being discovered and report to your parents.

But since January 4, 2004 when FaceBook first came on the scene, suddenly a door has opened up a space to reveal your hidden feelings and passion towards someone else, solely because you’re not in their presence. This is what happens between these two teenage sweethearts who are now in their sixties. The two are now willing to share the true desires they once had for each other. They discover that love is indeed endless, and their desire to be with each other in their birthday suits is stronger than ever. They have no qualms about having eaten the forbidden, as they exhibit no limitations as to how far they’re willing to go to achieve ecstasy. Their age didn’t matter because they were still young at heart.

For having given her readers three short stories which show how enduring true love for another person can be, and which can be rekindled at any moment, I’m happy to this collection of three erotic short stories 5 STARS.