Lately, being a relatively good Book Reviewer, my Amazon Reviewer Ranking is 16,926 the last time I looked,  I’m being asked more and more to review someone’s book. And each time I am I direct that individual to one of my blog site to read the entry I posted regarding it.  I posted my selection on this blog on October 29, 2014.

In this post I’d stated I only review those books I’ve won from the giveaways I entered on the internet, such as Rafflecopters by authors, giveaways on, etc.  Lately, I’ve started to enter the giveaways on I prefer to read REAL BOOKS, especially when they’ve been signed.

When I’m reading/reviewing any of these books, as I stated in the entry about my selection process, I select a book which has been written by someone in the internet support group I belong to. So far this year I’ve already read/reviewed 6 books out of the 16 I’ve posted reviews for from this site; and the reviews for these books have been

2015-001 / 2015-003 / 2015-006 / 2015-009 / 2015-010 and 2015-013.

If anyone is interest in possibly getting your book[s] reviewed by me or one of the other 600+ members here is the link to Rave Reviews by Nonnie Jules.

If, after checking this site out you decide to join please mention my name.