For those of us who had been alone when small

Then became someone’s older sibling can relate to this all.


We all had Mom to play with us all the time

We sang, and had fun when we read books together occasionally in rhyme.


Remember we much we hated it

When this all ended and we had a fit.


‘Cause Mom now spent all her time with this new kid

We ran away to our rooms to cry as we hid.


No matter what our parents told us to try to make us feel better,

We wanted them to play with us now instead of sometime later.


But as time went by

We learned not to cry.


For just like LeAnne who in the time finally knew

We all learned to like our parent’s second child as we grew.


It’s nice to have someone who sometimes depends on you

To play and have fun when Mom’s time with us becomes so few.

Ms. Gherghel has in her book written a wonderful tool for all parents who are now expecting a second child and want for explain to their first about their becoming the older sibling in a manner which they can easily relate to.

There’s something special about stories which happens, as I’ve stated in some of my other reviews, when they’re written in rhyme. They become more attention getting to the young readers reading them. Just think about your reading your first Dr. Seuss book, which can probably still can remember. Given the spacing of the rhyme this book has been written in, I believe the author had in some manner been influenced by him.

For having given parents a method to tell their first child about their having a second one I’ve given this book 5 STARS.

I’ve received an e-book copy of this book from the author through her LibraryThing giveaway in return for my honest opinion.