Even though I’ve worked for an agency of the City of New York for over 33 years I’ve seen how quietly the work environment can change simply because of a new director coming into place. Where we once had the opportunity to have fun/office parties and had always made the targets which had been set for us. Within a year we missed the yearend target for the first time. Naturally, this director didn’t take the blame, he told his bosses he wasn’t getting the supported he needed, meaning support from us; or trying to push the blame unto someone else.

If you’ve ever watched Undercover Boss you’ll know how many times “the man in charge” has loss the hand/control of his company. You’ll also know the best way to find out the truth of what’s happening in the trenches is to go there yourself, undercover, and learn the truth.

There’s a pattern you can see which emerges by the end of the show. A pattern which includes bringing back the things which had made the employees happy in the past, happiness didn’t really cost the bosses anything, like a simple recognition/acknowledgment for having done something well.

Instead of going undercover, those in the hierarchy of a company who are responsible for the fiscal fitness of that company should read this book. The well written plan for the transformation of what employees might call almost a tyrannical boss to one which employees would be more than happy to work with for a common goal is quite easy to be followed. The plan needs to have a solid commitment from those attempting for it to work as intended. 

Great CEOs are not born; they’re created from those who are willing to have a little give/take for all procedures and those who will have to work with them. For willing to share the knowledge she’s gained through her life with CEOs and others in similar positions, I’m giving Ms. Ganescu 5 STARS.

US: https://www.amazon.com/review/R2AXCJXPY1MJWW

UK: https://www.amazon.co.uk/review/R2MJZ1F5OMHB57