Since my last Status Report I can safely say that all of the pieces of the life I share with my dear OH have begun to finally fall back in place to the way it was before the onset of the calamity both of us have had to face in our daily faces. Yesterday, after about 15 months, we when to one of our favorite malls to do some much needed shopping for clothes and ate at one of our favorite dining spots in the Food Court, the place which sells the Chicken Teriyaki with the rice/noodles and vegetables. We know we’ll have to make at least two more trips before we’re finished. Can you imagine how it feels to get outside from our apartment again and finally do the things we used to do as a loving couple?  

I will be continuing not posting all of my book reviews here since I don’t want to overwhelm, you, my dear readers, with them. The book reviews which will continue to be posted here are those I’ve won through the various giveaways you know I enter on an on-going basis. I will also post some for those books I’m gotten myself which is not to say there’s anything wrong with those I don’t post here, so you’ll need to check my Amazon profile periodically or follow me there:

I’ve devised a schedule which I hope I can keep for working on my WIPs which now number 4, concentrating on my adult Contemporary romance, followed by my MG/YA Urban Fantasy, followed by about 5 pages a week for my two erotic romance novelettes.

I still would like to start posting interviews and guest blogs here on my blog to interest the variety of items here. So if anyone interested please feel free to contact me.